Wednesday, May 24, 2006



Before we go further, I want to discuss some of the technical terms used in Project Managment.


"A method of shared problem solving in which all members of a group spontaneously contribute ideas."

It is a wonderful technique which can be used for any discussion / problem solving / any project stage.

While we do Brainstorming, the judge/ Chairperson / Project Manager / Consultant should not give verdict to any ideas.

Once we finish with Ideas, the ideas will be scrutinized by voting/ feasibility / experince.


Over View

In project management blog, I want to talk about

1. Value Management

2. Quality Standards

Value Mangement:

It defined as "The Value Method (VM) is a systematic and organized way to develop and compare alternatives that will get the job done "

It is wonderful project management technique which can be used very effectively to control cost and time of a project. I will elobrate this in my next post.

Quality Standard:

I am going to talk about ISO 9001. You all must be aware of this.

But I am going to put a famous company's ISO system.


First Sight

Hi I am welcoming all for my blog.

I want to put project management stuffs.

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